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A private commission is one of the most unique pieces of art you can own. The feeling of pure joy you experience when receiving a painting that is the result of a special collaboration between you and an artist is unmatched, and is an emotion you or the intended recipient will feel every time the piece is seen. I offer a wide range of commission options for my clients. These options can be seen by clicking on the photo galleries provided below. Feel free to browse through these options to get a better idea of what I offer and gather inspiration for your painting! The process of ordering a commission is as follows:

  • First, fill out the commission request form so I can get an idea about what type of painting you are interested in.

  •  I will then contact you via email to further discuss your vision for the commissioned painting. we will thoroughly collaborate on an idea for the piece together and discuss concept, medium, price, size of the painting and shipping. An estimated price quote and production time will be given at the end of this conversation to make sure the commission falls within your budget and time limitations. Completion time of a special commission can vary depending on size, complexity and availability.

  • Next I will provide a complimentary hand drawn digital draft of the piece to ensure your vision is properly realized and that we are both satisfied with the intended outcome.

  • Once we settle on a final draft, the final production time estimate and price quote (including shipping) will be provided to you, and I will ask for the deposit. I accept a down payment equal to 50% of the final sale. The second half of the payment is requested after the painting has been completed. 

  • Lastly I will provide a high quality photo of the finished product for final approval, varnish the painting, wrap it with the utmost care, and send it to your selected destination! So what are you waiting for? Lets get started!


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