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Being raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands where I was constantly surrounded by breathtaking beaches and nature, I've always had a deep understanding of the importance of environmental conservation. After learning the devastating impact that the fashion industry has on the environment during my college studies, I felt a palpable responsibility to make sure any business I build is founded on eco-conscious operations. Below are examples of my mission, what I am currently doing to reduce my environmental footprint, and what my future goals are to create a more sustainable art business. If you have any further suggestions for what you think I could be doing to further reduce my environmental impact, or if you are an environmental foundation that would like to partner with me, please send me an email at and get in touch! We're all in this together, lets do what we can to show our gratitude for mother earth!


To create a business that is run with sustainable practices focused on protecting the environment. Some of these practices include: responsibly sourcing art materials, packaging, shipping, and more. I also wish to inspire other artists or business to do the same, as we are all in this together and need to work together to save our planet!

  • All packaging I use to ship my original paintings is recycled from personal art material orders, including bubble wrap, boxes and craft paper.

  • All cups used for acrylic pours are hand washed and recycled from local St. Thomas bars.

  • I recycle all dried acrylic paint chips from the canvas run-off of my abstract acrylic pours (which are dried liquid plastic that will not biodegrade) into jewelry and other abstract works of art.

  • All prints are print-on-demand and drop shipped, meaning I have no extra inventory that could possibly go to waste.

  • I save all plastic wrapping for my canvases and art materials to do the "swipe" acrylic pour technique as well as many other applications.



Rocky Island
  • Once I reach the point where I run out of recycled packaging and have to order branded packing materials, I will only purchase 100% recycled or biodegradable packaging, including bubble wrap, boxes, craft paper and packing tape.

  • Exclusively sell eco-friendly hemp paper prints.

  • Exclusively use recycled canvas for my original artworks. 

  • Only use art materials that are responsibly sourced and non toxic, including paints, brushes, painting surfaces, and more.

  • Partner with local and global recycling and environmental foundations & donate proceeds of sales to conservation efforts.

  • Challenge myself to create collections from 100% recycled materials.

  • And much, MUCH more!


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