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My name is Prea Bhandari and I'm from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a child, I knew I was going to pursue some type of creative career, whether it be in art, music or fashion, I was determined to make a living doing something where I could express myself artistically. Throughout my early schooling, I was always participating in any after-school or summer art program available to continue to perfect my craft. 


After graduating high school at Antilles School in 2015, I attended Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts, studying in their joint dual-degree program with a focus in Communications and Fine Art to obtain two BA degrees in 5 years. However, as many creatives can attest, studying your passion can unfortunately kill your love for it. In order to preserve my adoration for painting, I decided to make a career change and move abroad to Europe to pursue another interest of mine, fashion. I lived in Paris, Milan and London, studying Fashion Design, Marketing, and Business from the best in the industry. I eventually earned my degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from Istituto Marangoni, London, during the pandemic in 2020. My graduate collection featured sustainable avant-garde fashion inspired by the drapings of upcycled, broken umbrellas, with an emphasis on circularity, organic textiles and zero waste practices.

I then returned to the U.S. Virgin Islands amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world at a stand still and job prospects at an all-time low, I began painting again after a 3 year hiatus. As soon as my brush hit the canvas, I realized there was no conceivable way I could do anything else in this lifetime. I launched my official art business in January of 2021, creating monthly color-themed collections filled with exciting new experimental techniques and subjects. In December of 2021, I had my debut solo exhibition titled "Euphoria" at 81C in historic downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.


My art varies from purely abstract acrylic pour paintings to realistic oil portraits of women. I am heavily inspired by vibrant colors and feminine energy, and I use these elements as tools to convey the emotions and concepts behind my pieces, taking viewers on a psychedelic journey through each painting. 


My deep research into sustainable business practices during my studies in fashion school inspired this impalpable responsibility to create a business founded on sustainable, eco-friendly practices, which is something I continue to implement and improve on in my art business to this day.

I hope to keep pushing the boundaries of my art both in subject and medium, to create a fully eco-conscious, sustainable art business, and to expand my horizons internationally. Most of all, I simply hope my art continues to invoke joy and wonder in all who view it. 

Coconut Trees
Cargo Ship at Sea
Divergent 40x50.jpg
Untitled design-14-2.png


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